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At Amy Home Services, we specialize in everything needed to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. Our experienced HVAC technicians offer experienced and skilled service for heating maintenance and repair, as well as new equipment installation. Our company has served the heating needs of our customers in Elgin and the Fox Valley since 1983.

Handling All Heating System Makes & Models

Is your heating unit not working? Call Amy Home Services for heating repair service from experienced and responsive Elgin technicians. Our techs have been professionally trained to perform repairs on all makes and models of heating equipment. They have the skill to troubleshoot problems and determine what is needed to restore the heat in your home.

Our heating technicians provide repair and maintenance for:

We stock the most common parts used by our technicians on our trucks, so they can get right to work and restore the comfort of your home. If your heating system breaks down after hours or on weekends, you won’t get an answering machine when you call Amy Home Services. Your call will be answered and we will send a tech to restore your heat with 24/7 emergency heating repair services.

Common Signs You Need Heating Repair

The Midwest experiences its share of frigid winters, which is why it's important to ensure your heating system is in proper working order. There's little worse than dealing with the nightmare of a heating system that won't turn on when temperatures start to drop below zero. However, chances are that if this issue is happening, you could have prevented it by noticing signs your unit needed repairs much sooner.

Our Elgin heating repair experts recommend calling us when:

  • Your pilot light is yellow: If you have a furnace installed, its pilot light should remain blue. Anytime you see that your pilot light has changed colors, it's a good indication something is amiss and you need repairs. Typically, a yellow, orange, green, red, or purple pilot light indicates that your unit has built up either tar or rust, reducing its efficiency. Additionally, a yellow pilot light is often an indication that your unit is releasing toxic carbon monoxide fumes, in which case you need to call us to assess the issue immediately.
  • Your energy bills continue to increase each month without increased usage: As your system begins to lose efficiency, it will have to work harder and harder to keep up with your heating demands. This means your energy bills will start to increase dramatically.
  • You have poor indoor air quality: If you've recently noticed an increase in dust despite cleaning frequently, it could be due to a faulty heating system. An improperly functioning furnace, or any other heating system, could be circulating harmful airborne contaminants, such as mold, mildew, or other allergens, throughout the air. The problem could be that you have a dirty air filter, which is what we will check first during our inspection.
  • You experience hot and cold spots: Are there certain rooms of your house where your heating unit seems to work too well and then other rooms that can't seem to get warm no matter how high you set your thermostat? These are telltale signs that your heating system needs repairs.
  • Your unit makes odd noises: While it's normal to hear your unit begin to cycle or a low, soft hum, any banging, clanging, roaring, groaning, or screeching is a sign something is wrong with your heater.

How Often Should A Heating System Serviced?

A heating system should be serviced at least once a year. This regular maintenance ensures that the system is running efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of breakdowns or damage. It also helps to reduce energy bills by ensuring your system is working as it should. An annual service can help identify any potential problems before they become more serious, saving you time and money in the long run.

If your heating system is older, more frequent servicing may be necessary. Older systems can be prone to breakdowns, so having a professional check them regularly is essential for keeping them running correctly and safely. Additionally, a service should be carried out if you experience any problems with your heating or hot water system, as this could indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Keeping Heating Equipment Working

Heating system performance is essential for staying comfortable in the winter months. You can help ensure that your unit is ready for the season with regular heating maintenance in Elgin. Consider an annual heating equipment tune-up to keep your equipment functioning and prevent breakdowns. Our technicians can perform routine maintenance and inspect your system to make sure you are ready for winter.

Some of the benefits of heating maintenance include:

  • You will save money on energy bills due to optimal energy efficiency
  • You will catch problems before they grow larger and become more costly
  • You will prolong the life of your system and preserve your investment
  • You will ensure that your heating unit will be working properly when you turn it on for the first time in winter

If you have a problem with your heating system or want to schedule a tune-up with our Elgin heating maintenance experts, call (847) 239-5771 or contact us online.

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