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Although power surges and blackouts have always occurred to homes throughout Carpentersville since homes ever obtained electricity, these problems have become increasingly more common and more problematic. While temperature and climate changes certainly contribute to greater thunderstorm and lightning activity, much of our surge problems come from the fact that we have a greater reliance on electrical appliances. As panels become overwhelmed by the level of voltage in a home, they can suffer dangerous power surges.

To protect your sensitive devices and costly appliances, reach out for our superior Carpentersville surge protection. Trust our team at Amy Home Services to secure your house and your belongings from a sudden electrical catastrophe.

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Sources of Excess Current That Can Damage Your Appliances

Many people assume that lightning strikes are the primary culprits for surges, but even though lightning is increasing, far more of your power surges are caused by “small” surges in your electrical system itself. In just a short amount of time, these surges can create major damage to your electronics.

Some of the most typical causes of electrical surges include those created by:

  • The cycling of large appliances, from dish washers to laundry machines, ovens to freezers
  • Wiring that has been faultily installed
    Electric lines that have fallen due to severe winds, storms, or toppled trees
  • Overload of electricity usage
  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment and tools
  • Power grid switching
  • Overheating in extreme temperatures
  • Lightning strikes

How Whole-Home Surge Protectors Impact Your House

You may be wondering if power surges are all that common, or just a rare occurrence that would most likely never strike you. Many homeowners have no idea that their houses often experience at least 20 surges in a single day, 50% of which are internal. Even though the increasing number of lightning strikes in the U.S. due to weather changes is certainly a major problem, the fact that such a large percentage of these surges are caused from the overloading of our own mobile and electrical devices means it’s important to have a system that will protect from the inside as well as outside threats. Our secure protectors are directly hardwired into your service power, and powerfully cause any excess energy to flow into the ground. This prevents your circuitry from being overwhelmed by escaping electricity.

The Cost Effectiveness of a Powerful Whole-Home Surge Protector

Homeowners often wonder whether getting a surge protector for their entire home is worth it, worried that the initial cost could be detrimental to their savings. The great news is that having a surge protector installed within your home by our experienced professionals can save lots of money, not only because it helps your household utilize energy more efficiently, but it can also protect your extremely sensitive electrical appliances from dangerous and costly shocks.

Many expensive devices, from your laptops to your kitchen appliances to your home entertainment system can become ruined in a flash, unless you have these effective protectors installed. With our efficient, powerful protectors here at Amy Home Services, you can relax knowing your possessions are secure.

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