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There is nothing so refreshing as drinking clean, pure water. Not only is water critical for all of us to survive, but it simply tastes delicious too – so long as there is no danger of backflow. Backflow has increasingly become a major problem for families living in Carpentersville, as water pressure raises or drops dramatically. This problem can happen for a number of reasons, whether because water lines have frozen or burst, or because too many people happened to be using plumbing appliances simultaneously.

The result is that contaminated water, whether from the sewer, the water tank, or even from the soil itself, gets sucked back into your supply of fresh, potable water. The consequences of this major issue do not just result in unpleasant tastes and smells, but can be severely harmful for you, your family, and any pets drinking this polluted water if you do not have powerful backflow prevention in Carpentersville.

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Why Backflow Prevention is Essential for Your Health

There are two major issues that occur when you do not have a powerful backflow preventer device. The first problem is that of back siphonage, which takes place as the flow of water sudden switches its original course on account of decreased pressure, often when there is a break in the water main. The dirty water gets sucked back in a reverse vacuum effect, contaminating your supply of clean water.

Another form of backflow is that of backpressure, which occurs when the water pressure dramatically rises. When there is a clog or something malfunctions within a pump, boiler, or a storage tank, these situations force impure water that has been contaminated with foreign objects into the water you and your family would normally drink. To prevent both harmful scenarios, get in touch with our team for backflow solutions today.

Installing Devices for Backflow Prevention

There are multiple kinds of devices and assemblies to prevent the problem of backflow from occurring in your home. Our experienced technicians have installed all different types of these critical systems, keeping water pure and clean for families all over Carpentersville. Some of these systems are designed to control different levels of pressure with valves, while others use spring-loaded systems to prevent leakage from sliding back into your fresh water. We can advise you on which preventers would work well in your home, based on the layout of your plumbing system, your budget, and space inside your home.

Just some of the backflow preventers we can install include:

  • Pressure vacuum breakers (PVB)
  • Double check valves (DCVA)
  • Spill-resistant vacuum breakers
  • Reduced pressure principle backflow assembly (RP)

Choose Amy Home Services for Reliable Backflow Protection

When it comes to making sure that your potable water stays fresh, clean, and free from any impurities, you do not want to let just anyone handle the job, or even turn it into a DIY project. Never risk the health and safety of yourself or your family, but instead turn to our licensed and insured professionals at Amy Home Services for dedicated support.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I tell if I need a backflow prevention device in my home?

If you're a resident of Carpentersville, it's important to assess your home for backflow risks. Signs that you might need a backflow prevention device include noticeable changes in water taste or odor, or if your home has experienced water pressure issues. Additionally, if you've never had a backflow preventer installed or it's been a while since your last inspection, it's wise to consult with a professional to evaluate your system and ensure your water remains uncontaminated.

Why should I choose Amy Home Services for my backflow prevention needs?

Choosing Amy Home Services for backflow prevention means entrusting your home's water safety to licensed and insured professionals with a commitment to quality service. With over 35 years of experience in Carpentersville, our team ensures that your potable water remains pure and clean, using the most reliable devices and techniques. We prioritize your health and safety, offering dedicated support and expert installation to protect your family from the dangers of water contamination.

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