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Since gas is efficient and affordable, utilizing it to fuel your appliances, from your oven to your water heater, is very effective. Yet what happens when your lines become outdated or need repairs? Suddenly, these valuable supplies of fuel can become extremely dangerous to you, your family, and any guests. To preserve the safety of your household, quickly reach out to our technicians at Amy Home Services if you are suspicious that you have a gas leak on your hands.

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Signs You Need Your Gas Line Repaired

It is important to keep a careful eye out for the state of your gas lines. Because gas line leaks are so dangerous, any suspicious signal must be treated with utmost caution. Reach out to our dedicated team if you notice any potential warning signs, so that we can immediately repair your lines from further damage.

Some critical signs of a gas leak include:

  • Sulfuric odors or smells like rotting eggs – Because gas has no natural smell, gas companies have placed a critical additive inside it so that if it escapes, you will be able to smell an odor like sulfur. This should alert you to contact our team at once.
  • Odd sounds like hissing or squealing – When the line has ripped or has suffered a tear, this rupture is often accompanied by hissing or squealing as the gas escapes, similar to the sound a punctured balloon might make.
  • Decaying vegetation and grass – Even if a line is leaking below the surface, it will often make any surrounding plant life die off.

When to Get Gas Line Replacement Instead of Repairs

Although gas line repairs are an excellent tactic to take if your lines are not very old and are only experiencing minor issues, there are times when gas lines should be completely replaced. If your lines have been in place for several years, particularly if they have been malfunctioning a lot recently, it is much more efficient and cost-effective to simply install new lines, instead of wasting your savings on repeated repairs. Alternatively, however, if you are adding a section to your home or remodeling it from the ground up, this is often an ideal time to replace the gas lines. Any switch of fuel sources, such as from oil to gas, will also necessitate such critical updates to your lines. You can rely on our experienced contractors to complete the job safely and effectively.

What to Do in a Gas Line Emergency

If a line is leaking, it is tremendously dangerous to you and your family. Gas lines that are not dealt with immediately can lead to dangerous fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even residential explosions. The minute that you know your gas line is malfunctioning, open the windows and doors, and make sure that you and all family members and pets are moved out of harm’s way. Then get in contact with our team at Amy Home Services so we can get to work on fixing your line.

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